This Wednesday at LABC

Our own Jo Robinson and Sammy Singh will be keynote speakers. Other LABC members will be sharing their stories. Please join with us as we consider a reality that touches almost every household.

Pastor Jim

Prayers from Sunday morning – Tina Dright (recuperating from surgery); Carol Travis (health); Myles, one of our LCC students (health); Michael Sumrall as he mourns his father; All who are traveling; Kay Baxter for Jamie; Roy Browner (health); Margaret Oladoja: Roxanne Jones for her family; Thanksgiving for the good work of our retreat planning team; Thanksgiving for our Hunger Task Force and our community partners like City Team; Thanksgiving for all who plan and lead worship at LABC; Thanksgiving for the good work of our Personnel and Pastoral Relations Committees; Thanksgiving with Cecil White on the birth of his great-grandson; Charlene Wolf for Patty as she mourns her mother; Peggy Rogers-Tamayo for her family; All our students, teachers and school employees as the semester draws to a close