September 3, 2015

Change is in the air. As autumn begins, our surroundings remind us of the ever-rolling stream of time: another summer has ended, another back-toschool season has begun, another anniversary of 9/11 is upon us. In addition, another period of lengthened nights and shortened days beckons and the reality of another impending holiday season looms.

As the seasons change once again, but before the routines of fall have become too familiar, I invite you to reflect upon where life has taken you and what might lie ahead. I invite you to reflect on where God is moving in your life and how you might be able to participate in this movement. I invite you to reflect on God’s blessings for our world and how we might share these with others.

To this end, I invite you to drop by the Sanctuary on Friday, September 11, from 5:30-7:30 for

A Place to Reflect

During this timeframe, the church will be open and there will be a variety of ways to reflect and engage in prayerful mediation. Some opportunities include listening to music, lighting a candle, praying with a minister, walking a labyrinth, engaging in meditative movement, and contributing to interactive art-prayer. Come and sit, come and reflect, come and engage. Stop by for any length of time. This event is open to people of all ages.

And invite others to come!