September 28, 2017

Do you ever wish you could put life on pause…hit a button that suspends all that is going on around you, step outside of the fast-paced flow of activity, pressure, expectation and responsibility…and just be? To engage in stillness…intentional stillness…is a radical notion – a counter-cultural, Biblical, nurturing, restorative, even salvific act. And because it can be so powerful, yet so elusive, Lakeshore provides a safe space for you to do just that.

PAUSE is an interfaith space for prayer and meditation…an open sanctuary filled with soul-tending opportunities to sit, listen, reflect, pray, feel gratitude or simply be. Weaving together multiple sacred traditions, a variety of rituals are available to aid in encountering the divine spirit. Alternatively, one may simply sit in stillness and receive what the moment has to offer.

People who have attended have expressed deep gratitude for the gift of space to tend to their spirits. Some simply lay back on a pew and allow the live music to wash over them. Others engage in a variety of interactive prayer forms, opening themselves up to the creativity of the Spirit. Still others stretch their bodies as well as their souls, seeking balance and harmony.

PAUSE offers the churched community an alternative worship experience, the non-churched community space for focusing inward, the interfaith community a chance to learn from one another, and all people a safe space to experience sanctuary.

Our next PAUSE event is Saturday, October 21, 1-3 p.m. All ages are welcome. Come check it out.