October 28, 2016

Last summer I had the privilege of participating in a Mission Trip to New Orleans. There we partnered with American Baptists from across the country to work with the residents of the city to rebuild their lives, their homes, their churches and their communities. I had such a profound experience of service to God and to neighbor, deeply connecting with people who had endured much and found the strength and courage to rebuild, that I feel called to return to continue the work – and open the door that others may join me.

The residents of New Orleans, and particularly the lower 9th ward, have experienced natural destruction, government neglect, intentional injustice, and have seen their entire community devastated. And yet, there is great hope, there is great courage, there is great resilience among those who have returned to their community. There is confidence that God is very much at work recreating their community, with their help. The power of resurrection is palpable in their commitment to rebuild.

Last summer Lakeshore’s missionaries were teens and young adults, yet there is no age limit for who can benefit from this experience. This year, I encourage people of all ages to consider joining me in this pilgrimage of faith – of mission, service and joy. I invite individuals and families to consider participating in service to God and our sisters and brothers who are rebuilding in New Orleans, and to experience the deeply rewarding joy of working together to bring God’s kingdom to earth, as it is in heaven.

Next year’s trip will take place July 30-August 5. The cost is $225, plus airfare. If the group is interested, we can stay a few days before or after to add some sightseeing in the area. Please let me know if you have any interest in joining me!