November 7, 2013

On the first Sunday of October, Karen Okusu spoke with the children about the importance of sharing. She discussed the Bible story I like to call “The Boy who Shared,” but more commonly known as “The Feeding of the 5000.” She passed out a few goldfish and asked kids to share, reminding them of when a child shared his loaves and fish with Jesus. Abundance was the result. Throughout the month, I kept seeing evidence of sharing – and subsequent abundance – all over the place.

Kids shared their coins with the World Mission Offering, bringing our congregational giving to nearly $2000 in support of International Ministries and Missionaries. Many in the congregation shared worship planning and leadership skills for a great Diversity Month. The congregation shared food at a “reckless potluck.” Several congregants and community members came together for one of our biggest Harvest Festivals yet – with food, crafts, corndogs and cupcakes aplenty. Although Helen Harrison and I were exhausted at the end of the festival, we agreed that things went amazingly smoothly all day thanks to both the usual and several new volunteers who each chipped in their small part to contribute to the success of the day.

As October turns to November, and our church emphasis turns (more formally) to stewardship, in many ways we are simply celebrating and encouraging the sharing that normally takes place at Lakeshore. The theme of stewardship asks the basic question, where does my faith connect with my money, my resources, my skills and my time. It is an important question to ponder on a yearly basis, allowing us to re-claim our faith and re-commit to how we will live it out in light of our worldly possessions. We do live with abundance? In what ways shall we continue to share our abundance with others – that all may be nourished and nurtured? As in important spiritual practice, I hope you will spend a little time thinking about the importance of stewardship in your life, and the life of your family, again this year.