Memorial Day Message

Dear LABC,

I do not know the person who wrote these words but they seem to speak to much that is going on in our land this Memorial Day –

I stand to honor the promise the flag represents.
You kneel because that promise has been broken.

I stand to affirm my belief that all are created equal, and to fight alongside you for that promise.
You kneel because too few stand with you.

I stand because we can be better.
You kneel to remind us to be better.

I stand to honor all that have fought and died so that we may be free.
You kneel because not all of us are.

I stand because I can.
You kneel for those who can’t.

I stand to defend your right to kneel.
You kneel to defend my right to stand.

I stand because I love this country.
You kneel because you love it too.

Andrew Freborg

In the same vein –

American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it.

– James Baldwin

In Our Prayers

  • All who are grieving
  • All who are dealing with health concerns – physical, mental, and emotional
  • All who are caring for loved ones
  • All who are housing insecure, especially those living on the streets
  • All who are incarcerated
  • All who are in detention
  • All who live in fear
  • All our veterans
  • All who are working for peace and fighting for justice
  • Our country as we grapple with gun violence prevention
  • The ministries of ABC-USA
  • The Witness of the Oakland Community Organizations and the Faith In Action Network

I hope you will attend the Justice Jam focusing on Homelessness this Wednesday evening at 6:30 (Sanctuary) and that you will support the Hunger Walk this Sunday, June 3rd.