June 6, 2013

This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior, all the day long.

Do you have a religious theme song? A hymn, a gospel tune, a spiritual or praise song that you turn to in times of struggle or times of celebration? Is there a song that tells your story, that provides glimpses into who you are because of its compelling lyrics or familiar melody? What music lets you “praise your Savior all the day long,” allows you to “wake up each morning with your mind stayed on Jesus,” or invites the “Spirit of the Living God to fall fresh on you?”

As many of you know, the youth of Lakeshore have undertaken a Youth Writing Project. They want to interview people connected to the Lakeshore family about their favorite hymn or spiritual song. The end result will be a book telling the stories of Lakeshorians, known through the music that enlivens our faith.

It is no secret that Lakeshore is a diverse community, and there is perhaps no clearer evidence of this than in the music we turn to express our deepest beliefs and longings. And yet, we sing our music together, as a community. One of the most profound ways we learn to embrace one another is to hear each others’ songs, to sing each others’ faith, and to share with others some of our most cherished music.

The goal of this book is to include as many voices as possible. I hope you will consider participating in some way. If you are willing to be interviewed, please contact one of the youth (or me and I can connect you). If you would prefer to write you own story, based on your favorite hymn or spiritual song, you are welcome to do so. All submissions are subject to approval by the teens, and may be edited.

We sing our faith together each week, and are deeply connected through this act. As the youth record the Music of Our Faith, I hope you will be a part of the documentation of one of the most precious gifts we each possess, the ability to express our faith through music.