July 6, 2017

Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning Bible studies have been discussing the prayers of the Bible. I recently led a session offering a form of meditation grounded in four key teachings of Scripture. (I first learned this meditation from the Rev. Dr. Kirk Byron Jones, who calls it “a divine power drink for your soul.”) I share this meditation format with you, and encourage you to try this out as a summer practice with your morning (or evening) brew!

Set aside 5-20 minutes to reflect on the following four themes. Find a space where you will not be interrupted and a position that will be comfortable. If you read the Scriptures, spend a few minutes after each Scripture meditating on the theme. If you prefer, simply sit still the entire time, focusing on each point.

Be Still – Psalm 46:8-11. Stillness takes intention; it is not passive, but active. Stilling the mind can be tricky because the mind likes to wander, but with practice, the mind can learn to focus. Mantras help focus the mind – you may want to keep returning your mind to the simple truth of the Scripture, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Receive God’s Love – I John 3:1; John 3:16; Psalm 139:13-14. God’s love takes so many forms. Soak in the deep, unmerited love of God, absorb it’s goodness and let it refresh, restore, rejuvenate and reanimate you.

Embrace yourself, others and all creation – Mark 12:31; I John 4:7-8; Gen 1:26; Psalm 24:1. Love breeds love, and as we soak up the abundance of God’s love, we will be able to open ourselves to share that love – some days simply with ourselves, through truly embracing who we are, other days embracing others, or our deep connections to all of creation. Focus on whichever aspect you want to embrace today.

Welcome the Day – Psalm 118:24; Psalm 34:8. Whether you are welcoming the morning or the evening, spend a moment appreciating what is in store of you, asking God’s strength for the challenges, offering gratitude for the joys. Each day is precious, and worthy of cherishing.

May this summer provide new opportunities to nourish your soul!