July 5, 2012

Summer has officially arrived! And along with it comes our second year of providing Vacation Bible Camp, (VBC), our “new and improved” version of Vacation Bible School, (VBS). Although this version is more kid-focused and family-friendly, it still provides many of the unique Lakeshore features that our traditional VBS provided, including being intergenerational and educational. Along with these features, we’ve added a few new “bells and whistles” such as a leadership development component, interactive learning experiences, a transformed sanctuary space and an opportunity to partner with Lakeshore Children’s Center.

In some ways, VBC has reverted to a more traditional daytime model in which we provide a camp-like experience of singing, stories, games, snacks, and so forth for children. In other ways, however, VBC has been completely transformed from a traditional program that focuses on educating children. Camp has become an intergenerational educational experience for everyone involved – adults write or adapt curriculum to make it their own; youth serve as crew leaders, junior counselors and assistant leaders, developing their own leadership skills; and kids provide the energy that excites us all to learn together.

And VBC isn’t just for those who can come to camp, either. Preparations for camp have spilled over into many aspects of the larger life of the church. Crafting for a Cause and other volunteers have helped with decorations; individuals have helped shop for and provide supplies; and all who come to church will worship in a sanctuary transformed into a sky-high atmosphere of adventure. In fact, the Sunday following Vacation Bible Camp, July 15, will sights and adventures of the week. We won’t be shooting pandas, like we did last year, but don’t be surprised if you see some pigs fly. All Things Are Possible With God, after all!



PS – For those who miss our old VBS experience, I encourage you to attend Soup and Study on a Tuesday night – an ongoing version of the adult track of our previous model of VBS.