Friday Update, March 20


How about some music to soothe our frazzled souls? Harold Knight, Bonnie Sato’s brother, is offering his music to us. He is a most gifted organist.

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Today at Noon – A Time to Connect with Pastor Allison

Tomorrow at 10:00 – Prayer Time with Pastor Carolyn

Sunday at 10:00 – Worship, Music and the Spoken Word lifting up the enduring message of the 23rd Psalm

Sunday at 11:45 – Bible Study with Pastor Carolyn

Ways to Connect

Dial-in: 1 669 900 9128

Meeting ID: 859 909 5914


Jim H.

A Prayer

Loving God, Today we remember all the small business owners of our communities. They are facing economic peril. Together may our national, state, county and local governments find ways to stabilize them. May their customers find ways to patronize them. See them through until better days arrive. Amen.

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