April 4, 2013

Six years ago, Lakeshore’s Strategic Development team identified several areas for the church to focus on: Maximizing Volunteer Recruitment, Training, and Retention; Fostering Leadership Development; Promoting Resource Sustainability; Organizing to Create a Better Community; and Structuring Our Life Together.

Our pre-Easter festivities are a great example of the strides made in volunteer recruitment; countless people step in and do their part to make the event so successful. Organizing efforts continue to mobilize our community to address issues of inequality in educational opportunities. The Stewardship Department continues to identify ways to care for our resources and all Departments as well as the church council continue to think strategically about how to structure our ministries to be effective.

Leadership Development will be emphasized as Lakeshore hosts the Pacific Coast Baptist Association’s Annual Spring Conference, themed “The Promises and Perils of Leadership: Strengthening and Sustaining Those Who Lead.” The Conference takes place Saturday, May 11, and promises to be a great event both for our congregation and the larger Baptist community. Further info can be found in this newsletter. Another great Leadership Development Opportunity is ABSW’s Seminary Saturday held April 13 (also described further below).

Looking back over the past six years, there is much to celebrate. Looking forward, may we each do our part in engaging and strengthening our ongoing ministry endeavors.