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I am glad you are visiting Lakeshore's website. I hope that you find the information helpful and that behind the information you sense a warm invitation to join us as we worship and serve at the corner of Lakeshore and Mandana. At its core LABC is a community, a community that exists to embody the love of God who is our source, our guide and our goal.

Please join us at our Worship Service every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.


Pastor Jim Hopkins

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People trapped in addictions, as well as their families, long for the day they will “be in their right mind.”

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Midweek Message

I found Pastor Naw San Dee KD’s sermon from Sunday to be be most insightful. Thus, I share it with you, readers of  the Midweek Message. “A Call to be Repairers and Restorers” Texts: Jeremiah 8:22, 33:6; Isaiah 58: 6(9) … Continue reading May 23, 2016

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Our Life Together

My Father’s Day sermon will be “The Prayers of Father Abraham.” The texts will be Genesis 15:1-6, 17:18-21, 18:20-32 and 20:17. The theme will be “Abraham was a father. His prayers, found in the book of Genesis, give us insight … Continue reading May 25, 2017

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In Formation

Summer is just around the corner – and summer at Lakeshore offers its own unique opportunities for Christian Formation. Our fellowship, learning, outreach and worship all transition slightly to adjust for the season of relaxation, vacation, outdoor activities and savoring … Continue reading May 25, 2017

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